Meet Peter

“If you have a perfect season, things will go well, but you’re invariably getting rain at the wrong time or dry at the wrong time, that’s the challenge.”

LOCATION Palmers Channel, NSW
FARM TYPE Sugar Cane

Nearly 20 years ago Peter Rose packed up his life in Bondi and purchased a sugar cane farm on the Lower Clarence River between Yamba and Maclean.

Poor water drainage and salt can at times make it make it a difficult place to farm, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Variations from one season to the next means he’s got to be adjusting his farming practices to suit the conditions.

Managing the health of the soil is one of the primary ways Peter can influence his output each year and partnering with Incitec Pivot certainly makes this easier.

Despite all the challenges, Peter doesn’t regret for one minute trading his corporate life for life on the farm.

Mett Peter