Meet Mitchell

“Soil health is at the heart of everything we do.”

Meet Mitchell

FARM TYPE Carrots and Onions

Mitchell Moffat is managing director of Moffat Fresh Produce.

It is a fourth-generation farming company that started back in 1924. They produce carrots 12 months of the year and onions for four months on their property one hour south of Brisbane.

Years of work has seen the soil reach its full potential, but Mitchell understands that a lot of work will go into ensuring this is maintained.

They conduct regular soil tests, with Incitec Pivot producing the custom blends they need to deliver the right minerals to the right paddocks.

Mitchell has been a farmer since he was born and is always looking for new management practices that can help them to realise the full potential of their operation.

Soil health is their number one priority, which is hardly surprising when you see the quality of the vegetables they produce.

Meet Mitchell