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We offer a wide selection of EASY Liquids products to suit your needs.

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The EASY Liquids list contains a range of products designed to suit your needs;

Product Range

Benefits and overview 

 Easy N 
High analysis liquid nitrogen products containing urea, ammonium and nitrate nitrogen and can be used to supply nitrogen to a wide range of broad-acre and horticultural crops.

True liquid fertiliser which contains 100% water soluble nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, for application at planting in broad-acre or row crops, in-furrow application with billets during sugarcane planting and fertigated in horticultural crops.

EASY Liquids FLOWPHOS allows nutrients to be accurately and evenly placed in the required position, which is very important for phosphorus and zinc as they are immobile in the soil.

Liquid nitrogen and sulfur fertiliser that is suitable for application in broad-acre and horticultural crops.
Liquid potassium fertiliser which can be fertigated, foliar applied and soil injected to supply potassium to horticultural and broad-acre crops.
Highly loaded nitrogen and calcium fertiliser for supplying nitrogen and calcium to horticultural crops. N-CAL fertilisers are true liquids and Boron can be added if required.
Liquid sulphate based fertilisers that supply magnesium & micronutrients such as copper, iron and zinc. Can be foliar or soil applied.
Fully chelated micronutrient fertilisers which are more compatible with other fertilisers and agchem products. Soil applied chelated micronutrients are more plant available in many situations. 
Where your crop has a particular need, EASY Liquids Nuflow blends can be created to ensure your specific requirements are met. Talk to your Easy Liquids team member to design a specific blend. 

EASY Liquids have sites based in Boundary Bend, Moree and Whitton which provide local distribution points to key agricultural markets. We also have regionally based sales agronomists and logistics coordinators to provide the best level of service.

For any orders or enquiries please contact the EASY Liquids team.

Robert Moorfield: Sales Agronomist - Whitton & Boundary Bend Footprints - 0488 067 736

Matthew Urquhart: Territory Sales Representative Moree Footprint - 0429 789 298

Customer Service & Boundary Bend Order Enquiries: 02 6752 7509