Incitec Pivot Fertilisers (Singapore) is fully owned by Incitec Pivot Ltd and provides important commodity trading capability to Incitec Pivot Fertilisers (IPF).

Led by CEO Dan White, IPF (Singapore) is staffed with a team of experienced commodity professionals, who are principally responsible for trading and marketing of IPF’s high quality proprietary exports. These exports consist of around 500 KTPA of Phosphate Hill manufactured DAP 18:46 and MAP 11:52 and occasionally some Single Super Phosphate (SSP) from the IPF Geelong manufacturing plant.  

In the next two to three years, IPF’s third party and export portfolio will grow considerably with the commissioning of the 2.3 MTPA Granular Urea Perdaman project. IPF is the exclusive off taker for a period of 20 years and around half of the production is anticipated to be traded outside of the IPF East Coast Australia distribution network. IPF (Singapore) will play a leading role in trading the Urea that is designated for third party and export markets.

IPF (Singapore) also plays a critical role in supporting IPF’s third party commodity procurement. IPF procures approximately 2.0 MTPA of manufacturing inputs (such as Phosphate Rock, Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid) and finished fertiliser annually, much of which is purchased in the international market through IPF (Singapore).

IPF (Singapore) also trades in third-party commodity markets within the international fertiliser complex. Its trading is focused on products and regions to which IPF has a structural exposure, with a firm view to enhancing IPF’s well-established customer and supplier relationships and creating new market connections.

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