Meet Matt M

“What we take out, we need to be putting back in.”

Meet Matt M

FARM TYPE Cotton, Corn, Chickpeas, Wheat and Barley

Matt McVeigh, his two brothers and their parents run a farming operation near Dalby in southeast Queensland.

Primarily a cotton farm, they also produce corn, chickpeas, wheat and barley.

Matt considers the soil to be the backbone of every crop, with the care of it being the key to the longterm sustainability of their business.

The family embrace technology, using satellite imagery to gain a greater understanding of crop growth in different areas of the farm.

With quality soil, a strong relationship with partners such as Incitec Pivot and a genuine love of farming, the McVeigh family is looking forward to what lies ahead and the potential they will realise in the years to come.

Meet Matt MMeet Matt M