Nutrition for the long run...


eNpower® contains the nitrification inhibiter DMP in IPF’s patented DMP-G formulation. DMP works by inhibiting nitrifying bacteria in the soil, slowing down the conversion of ammonium N to nitrate which is more prone to loss.

With conventional nitrogen fertilisers, ammonium N is converted to nitrate N in 1-3 weeks*. Heavy rain or irrigation can cause any nitrate N that hasn’t been taken up to be lost through leaching in sandy soils – or through denitrification in heavier soils.

Time for nitrification to occur

Type of fertiliser Time for nitrification to occur* 
 Conventional untreated nitrogen fertilisers 1-3 weeks
 DMP treated enhanced efficiency fertilisers 4-10 weeks


A review of N-inhibter DMPP for IPL. Sultana, Suter & Chen - Melbourne University 2010 **

* Under typical soil condition. Actual results may vary. Factors such as weather and environmental conditions, soil conditions and other variables will impact the results growers achieve.
** A review of the nitrification inhibitor 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) A report prepared for Incitec Pivot Limited by Sultana, H., Suter, H. and Chen, D. (2010). The University of Melbourne. 

Protect your nutrients when you need it most

Cane regions are subject to some of Australia’s most unpredictable weather. Good rains early in the season can set the potential for bumper yields. However, heavy early rains can increase nitrogen losses. eNpower®

can help stabilise nitrogen and improve phosphorus uptake, reducing the risk of limiting cane yield. This gives the crop the best chance of making the most of good soil moisture conditions.

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