The world’s most commonly traded and used phosphorus fertiliser...

DAP is the most economical, and therefore the world’s most commonly traded and used phosphorus fertiliser. Its high analysis minimises freight, handling and storage. It is used both on its own and in combination with other fertilisers in blends.

Both DAP and MAP are compatible in blends with urea, the world’s most commonly used nitrogen fertiliser, whereas superphosphate is not.

MAP and DAP are ideal planting fertilisers, their attributes including:

• Concentrated high analysis - minimising delays and stoppages to fill equipment;

• Fully granulated – suiting today’s modern precision application equipment;

• Phosphorus in forms readily available for plant uptake, stimulating root development and early growth;

• They supply starter nitrogen as well as phosphorus.

Furthermore, the combination of positively charged ammonium ions (NH4+) with negatively charged phosphate ions (H2PO4 - and HPO4 2-) promotes uptake of both nitrogen and phosphorus.

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