Why use EASY Liquids?

EASY Liquids are easy to use, and their accuracy is unsurpassed. Easy from the logistics of bulk deliveries direct to farm, less labour intensive, product uniformity, consistent flow rates, and nutrient placement.



Unbeatable Accuracy and Even Application

EASY Liquids fertilisers are 100% water soluble, which means they are uniform, and therefore give consistent flow rates. They can be very accurately metered using commercially available application equipment. Desired application rates can be accurately applied with low variation (CV% of less than 5%). Electronic rate control systems can enhance accuracy even further. When this is combined with variable rate technology and individual section control in broadacre farming, the accuracy is unsurpassed.

Compared to solid product, EASY Liquids fertilisers are less affected by factors such as; swath width, wind speed, product consistency, spreader type and spinner speed, which have a large negative influence on applications. Therefore, applying EASY Liquids products with your existing boomspray or injection equipment can improve the accuracy of nutrients across the application width, while precisely delivering targeted nutrient rates advised by your local agronomist.

Easy to Convert

Moving to a liquid fertiliser system is both simple and relatively inexpensive. Your fertiliser application system can be converted with advice from the EASY Liquids specialists. The process can be as simple as changing a set of nozzles on your boom spray or installing application points and place tanks to supply liquid fertilisers in your irrigation system. The EASY Liquids team can supply storage tanks appropriate for your farm’s requirements and these can be installed quickly and easily.

Easy Logistics

EASY Liquids logistical capabilities and tank hire system makes delivering large amounts of liquid fertilisers safe and efficient. EASY Liquids has access to a large tanker fleet and transportable hire tanks which are efficiently managed through our customer focused logistic coordinators. Bulk loads are delivered to the required application site and are pumped into the appropriate tank removing the hassle of having to organise logistics during peak periods.

Reduced Labour and Safe Handling

The handling and application of liquid fertiliser is often a simple, one-person operation. At the delivery stage for bulk, no farm labour is required, as the tanker driver will deliver fertiliser directly into the farm storage tank. EASY Liquids products remove the need to split bags and dilute products with the finished good delivered to direct to farm tanks. This removes the need for augers and bag lifting which increases on farm efficiency and removes potential safety hazards.

Easy Placement of Nutrients

Crops have different growth habits, and their requirements change throughout their growth phases, which impacts nutrient uptake. An understanding of these uptake processes allows nutrients to be placed in the best position and at the correct time for effective uptake. The flexibility of EASY Liquids fertiliser application systems allows differential placement of nutrients to be easily achieved.