Agronomy and Testing

Before choosing the ‘right’ fertiliser, growers should perform a soil or plant tissue analysis, look at the nutrients required and consider the various nutrient forms, convenience, application method, availability, nutrient use efficiency and price when making a fertiliser decision.

Nutrient Advantage

Nutrient Advantage® accredited agronomists can help growers with this decision by using a combination of local knowledge and recommendations through the Nutrient Advantage Advice (NAA) software system. 

NAA allows agronomists to provide recommendations based on current and previous soil or plant tissue test results, local conditions and varying farm management practices.

Incitec Pivot’s Nutrient Advantage Laboratory can help growers to cost-effectively manage their fertiliser requirements with comprehensive testing for all essential nutrients, plus other soil chemical and physical properties.

All testing services provided by the Nutrient Advantage laboratory include the added benefits of reliability and credibility derived from the independent National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation and Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC) certification.

To arrange a soil test to determine crop nutritional requirements or create a custom blend, you can either contact your local Nutrient Advantage Advice accredited adviser, your nearest Incitec Pivot Distributor, or the Nutrient Advantage Laboratory directly.


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