Blend Capabilities

Blends are available in a wide number of straight fertiliser combinations, however guidelines do exist as to which ingredients can or can not be blended together based on their physical and chemical compatibilities and also agronomic considerations.

Not all fertilisers are compatible with each other. For example, Urea and Cal-Am® are incompatible in dry blends, and if blended will rapidly absorb moisture from the air.

There are also minimum and maximum limits to the quantities of some ingredients in blends. At very low addition rates, blend uniformity is compromised, and upper limits are placed on some ingredients due to operational constraints that relate to compliance with Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Substances or Poisons legislation.

Also, be aware that uniformity of blend quality is best achieved when all of the ingredients are closely matched in size, to minimise segregation during handling.
Once agronomic and blend compatibility requirements are fulfilled, custom blends are as easily accessible as conventional blends and comparably priced on a per unit basis to other Incitec Pivot Fertilisers products.