A low-dust, air seeder rated, high concentration humic acid granule.



Highly compatible with other IPF fertiliser ingredients, farmers can now include a soil ameliorant with fast acting organic compounds in their IPF custom or range blend.



  • An easy addition to your current IPF fertiliser blends and straights.
  • Uniquely air dried product in comparison to high heat treatment means that more functional groups are present to support positive plant nutrition (carboxyl, phenolic, amine, and other groups).
  • Extremely low dust, extremely uniform 2.4 - 2.6mm granules. Air seeder rated. 
  • Broad blend compatibility and ability to blend with your existing IPF fertilisers.


  • Increase fertiliser efficiency. Being co-located with applied fertiliser, the humic acid can impart its benefits directly into the root zone and where the fertiliser is applied.
  • Improve soil health and quality. The high organic carbon content and high CEC of the product can benefit soil health.
  • Increase yield and crop quality through increased nutrient availability.
  • Mitigate stress. Trigger may help mitigate the effects of abiotic and biotic crop stresses.


Application Rates: 

Trigger can be applied at a rate of 10-40 kg/ha broadcast, or 6-20 kg/ha in furrow.


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