Granulock Z

Lock in a high quality fertiliser.

Granulock Q&A 

Granulock Z  

Some choices are easier than others, especially when you already know the tried-and-tested answer is Granulock from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers.

Each granule has the ideal balance of nutrients and physical attributes, so application is hassle-free. It’s why Granulock is recognised as the consistent high-quality starter fertiliser you can’t go without.

Give your crops and pastures the benefit of a precise nutrient treatment with Granulock Z. Granulock Z is a compound fertiliser, with each nutrient contained within every granule.

This uniformity of nutrient distribution is particularly important for supplying maintenance rates of zinc evenly to crops at planting.

With Granulock Z, you can effectively provide newly sown crops and pastures with the right combination of nutrients for strong early root growth, healthy emergence and even crop growth.

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IPF technical agronomist, Jim Laycock recently appeared on Country Today with Libby Price to discuss the Granulock range and some key insights for the 2020 Winter Crop season ahead.

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