Meet Ed

“You don’t always get it right but when you do, it’s really satisfying.”

Meet Ed from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on Vimeo.

FARM TYPE Sweetcorn, Onions, Carrots and Green Beans

Ed Windley and his wife produce sweetcorn and green beans in summer, carrots and onions in winter.

Fifteen years ago, Ed returned to the family cattle farm and set about moving across into vegetable production.

It was an ambitious plan, and not without its challenges along the way, but they now consistently produce the high-quality product that their customers demand.

There are a lot of things beyond Ed’s control, but one thing he does have an influence on is the nutrients in his soil.

The ability to apply customised nutrient blends plays a big part in Ed’s ability to care for the soil and work towards the realisation of its full potential.

Meet Ed