Meet David

“There’s a great future in farming. If you work hard you’ll get somewhere and if you don’t, well that’s it.”

Meet David from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on Vimeo.

LOCATION Darling Downs, QLD
FARM TYPE Chickpeas, Forage, Sorghum

David Buckley is a third-generation farmer whose family first came to the Darling Downs in 1957.

Since then they have been putting in a hard day’s work, getting the most out of themselves and the land they farm.

David affectionately refers to the Darling Downs as ‘God’s Country’.

This is not only in relation to the beauty of the region but also is a reflection of the qualities of the soil on which they live and breathe.

David sees the value in caring for the precious soil and has been using Incitec Pivot products for many years to realise the full potential of their property.

Meet David