IPF launches new industry insights


Australia’s largest east coast manufacturer and distributor of fertiliser has today launched a new magazine, Dig Deep.


Australia’s largest east coast manufacturer and distributor of fertiliser has today launched a new magazine, Dig Deep.

Covering a broad range of topics, from a global fertiliser market and trading overview to agronomic and research and development updates, the new magazine from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers (IPF) delivers in-depth industry insights to readers.

Newly appointed IPF Interim President, Scott Bowman, said he was excited to launch the magazine and provide IPF’s network with relevant and practical information.

“The skill and industry knowledge of our IPF team is unrivalled. We want to share what we are doing as a business to support the agricultural sector with our valued network of growers, dealers and communities.

“Through Dig Deep, we’re aiming to keep our network up to date with our latest company news and projects from across our large manufacturing and distribution footprint, as well as broader industry dynamics and developments.

“From the science based agronomic data and insights generated by our Nutrient Advantage Laboratory and agronomy team, to our world-class fertiliser manufacturing and distribution capabilities, IPF is an industry leader in plant nutrition education, advice and products in Australia today,” Mr Bowman said.

With winter crop planting set to get underway across key growing areas, data-driven insights from IPF’s leading Nutrient Advantage laboratory in Dig Deep show phosphorous levels have been decreasing. Over the past three years, nutrient removal has been higher than average due to high yielding crops and losses from leaching and denitrification.

“We encourage the industry to continue to measure nutrient levels to ensure they maximise potential production, year in, year out,” Mr Bowman said.

The first edition of Dig Deep also showcases exciting research and development activities across IPF, including the potential for enhanced efficiency fertilisers to drive down greenhouse gas emissions.

“Whether it’s researching groundbreaking technology to enhance the efficiency of nitrogen fertiliser or showcasing the capability of our manufacturing and distribution network, the launch of Dig Deep is an exciting chapter for IPF,” Mr Bowman said.

Delivered in hard copy to IPF’s extensive network of dealers, growers and customers, Dig Deep is also available to download online HERE. To subscribe and receive the next edition in print, email ipfcommunications@incitecpivot.com.au


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