Technology improvements for Nutrient Advantage


Incitec Pivot Fertilisers has launched two significant improvements to its Nutrient Advantage® service – the Nutrient Advantage Pro online system and the LabSTREAM® mobile app.

Rebecca Hall, Marketing Manager for Nutrient Advantage, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

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Nutrient Advantage Pro

Agronomy cadet, Fiona McDonald, and Rebecca Hall, marketing manager – Nutrient Advantage, enter soil sample details into Nutrient Advantage Pro, the latest online system for accredited agronomists from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers.

Nutrient Advantage Pro (NA Pro) is replacing Nutrient Advantage Advice (NAA). It is available to all new and existing customers who have an account with Nutrient Advantage Laboratory Services.

Like the system it is replacing, NA Pro will be used to receive results from soil or plant tissue tests and develop fertiliser recommendations that also take into account local conditions and farm management practices. The key difference is that NA Pro is not specific to one desktop or laptop computer, making it more flexible and user-friendly.

NA Pro can be used on the road, in the office or anywhere with internet service. The new paperless system operates through a browser and is suitable for laptops, tablets, smartphones or desktop computers. It also allows data sharing between agronomists working for the same business.

NA Pro will be updated in real time, so test results will be available as soon as they are completed, rather than overnight. This may mean quicker results for those timely fertiliser decisions. 

The recommendation reports in NA Pro also have a fresh new look, thanks to a new design and colour scheme. The professional presentation makes the results easy to review for agronomists and their farmer customers.

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers will be providing assistance to customers to help them make the transition, with user guides, video links, webinars and phone support as required. NA Pro has been beta tested by several agronomists over a number of months to identify any issues. Feedback from these first users is that NA Pro’s functionality flows in a similar way to NAA and it is easy to use.

For some existing customers with decades of soil testing records, the upload of data from NAA to NA Pro will take some time. Accordingly, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers will be working on the transition to NA Pro over a number of months.


The new LabSTREAM app allows agronomists to log soil and tissue samples from mobile devices in the paddock, shown here by Nigel Bodinnar from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers.

The LabSTREAM mobile app allows agronomists to register soil and plant tissue samples with their phone or tablet when they are being taken, rather than back at the office later. LabSTREAM is integrated with NA Pro, linking the soil sampling, result and recommendation process. LabSTREAM offers several advantages – making the process faster and more efficient, as well as offering the ability to capture more information.

Using LabSTREAM involves:

  • scanning the sample barcode,
  • entering the details of the farmer and location,
  • selecting the appropriate EASY Rec,
  • requesting the test type and clicking submit.

The Nutrient Advantage laboratory will receive the information instantly. If there is no mobile coverage where you are, LabSTREAM will store the information and submit it when it is back online again.

The physical soil sample can then be dropped to the courier or post office on the way back to the office. (It is always a good idea to write your name and address on the sender section of the post or courier bag, just in case!) LabSTREAM also tracks the progress of the samples through the testing process.

One of the key advantages of using the LabSTREAM mobile app is that it allows agronomists to quickly and easily geo-locate each sample through Google Maps. It’s also easy to add a note, photo, video or audio record.

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers is confident agronomists will find it easier and more convenient than the previous paper-based system.

For more information on these upgrades or any other queries about Nutrient Advantage, please contact me on or 0439 736 031.

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