Green Urea NV for greater efficiency


Spring is the ideal time for tactical nitrogen applications to maximise pasture production. Pasture dry matter responses to nitrogen can surge throughout spring. If your pasture is green and actively growing, nitrogen fertilisers can further accelerate that growth.

But some of the drivers for strong pasture growth at this time of year also increase the risks of volatilisation losses from urea applied to pastures.

Volatilisation is the gaseous loss of nitrogen to the atmosphere that can occur if applied urea is not incorporated into the soil by rainfall or irrigation within a few days.

There is a higher risk of volatilisation losses when it is warm and windy, when the soil surface is wetting and drying rapidly, after a hay cut or immediately after a dry spell when pastures are short and the fertiliser is more exposed.

Volatilisation losses of up to 30% have been recorded in grass based pastures where significant rainfall does not occur within days of urea application.1

Green Urea NV® can reduce by up to 70% (Suter et al) the potential for these losses. It contains an additive which inhibits the activity of the urease enzyme for up to 14 days.

This delays the formation of unstable ammonia gas, allowing more time for the fertiliser to be safely incorporated into the soil by rain or irrigation, where it can be used by your pastures.

At 46% nitrogen, Green Urea NV offers the same high analysis as granular urea.

Take action

Go green with Green Urea NV this spring if follow-up rainfall or irrigation is unlikely to occur within a few days of application.

Green Urea NV contains a urease inhibitor that will help protect against volatilisation losses.

Spread between 100 and 200 kg/ha of Green Urea NV on pastures in one application post-grazing.

Subtropical and tropical grass species will tend to be most responsive to spring and summer nitrogen applications and may generate up to 30 kg/ha of dry matter per kg of nitrogen applied where higher rates of fertiliser are used(Buck et al).

Green Urea NV can be blended with other fertilisers to supply multiple nutrients where required.

Use Green Urea NV this spring to:

  • protect against volatilisation losses in high risk situations
  • improve the efficiency of nitrogen applied
  • maximise pasture growth

For more information regarding Green Urea NV, please contact me at or 0412 565 176.


1 Suter, et al, University of Melbourne, 2010

2 Buck et al. QDAF, 2015

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