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Winter is a challenging time to maintain adequate pasture growth rates.

Lee Menhenett 

by Lee Menhenett - Technical Agronomist

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The soils are cold, the days are short, it is overcast much of the time and the bacteria in the soil responsible for mineralising nitrogen slow down.

It is therefore common for pastures to become nitrogen deficient at the end of a grazing rotation and in need of a fertiliser application to generate the next round of growth.

The right fertiliser selection can make all the difference during this nitrogen hungry period.

Cal-Gran Aftergraze contains fast acting nitrate nitrogen for immediate use by pastures.

Nitrate nitrogen is the primary source of nitrogen for grasses and is quickly taken up and used by actively growing pastures.

The conversion of urea and ammonium in fertilisers to nitrate nitrogen is slower in winter and may result in a two to three week lag in re-growth response times.

Cal-Gran Aftergraze contains 20.6% nitrogen, with 13.2% in the ammonium form and 7.4% in the nitrate form.

It also contains 3% phosphorus, 7.5% potassium, 3.8% sulphur and 4.4% calcium.

Using Cal-Gran Aftergraze this winter as a targeted strategy can quickly show that not all nitrogen fertilisers produce the same results.

Take action

Choose Cal-Gran Aftergraze this winter and say goodbye to winter feed gaps and the search for quality bought in feed.

Spread between 120 and 290 kg/ha of Cal-Gran Aftergraze on to the pasture in one application post-grazing.

Annual and Italian ryegrasses and new perennial ryegrass varieties will tend to be most responsive to winter Cal-Gran Aftergraze applications. These pastures may generate up to 1200 kg/ha of dry matter when the upper rates are used.

While follow-up rain or irrigation is required to carry the fertiliser into the soil, Cal-Gran Aftergraze has a significantly lower potential for volatilisation than urea.

Cal-Gran contains nitrogen and sulphur (23.9% nitrogen and 10.8% sulphur). This is another good pasture fertiliser option in winter, as mineralisation of sulphur from soil organic carbon is also low when temperatures drop.

Other Cal-Gran fertiliser blends are available to supply higher rates of nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium if needed.

Soil or tissue testing through the Nutrient Advantage® laboratory is a good way to assess the need for a range of nutrients.

Use Cal-Gran Aftergraze this winter to:

  • Achieve faster pasture responses with nitrate nitrogen
  • Say goodbye to the feed gap
  • Produce more home grown feed
  • Maintain pasture persistence and quality

For more information about Cal-Gran Aftergraze, contact your local Incitec Pivot Fertilisers Distributor, or contact me directly on 0412 565 176 or

Lee Menhenett
Agronomist – grazing systems
Incitec Pivot Fertilisers