Nitrogen (N) management is a constant concern for Australian growers. Why? Because being able to consistently produce crops that are high yielding and possessing exceptional quality is very challenging. Unpredictable weather events can affect both crops & fertilisers adversely. In any farming system, fertiliser product selection is a key management option to reduce risk, achieve nutrient use efficiency, optimise production, and benefit quality.

Post-harvest is one of the most important times of the year for crop nutrition in almonds, setting the trees up for overall health and better productivity. Almond growers and their advisers are encouraged to make the most of this opportunity by using soil and plant tissue test results to ensure adequate and balanced nutrition.

Transplanting of vegetable seedlings is now well under way. Crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage and celery are usually planted with significant amounts of fertiliser to ensure strong early establishment and growth. The crops are then irrigated with overhead sprinklers. This system has worked well for generations of growers, but it can be improved.

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers is introducing a powerful addition to DAP that will help growers keep the nitrogen where it’s needed for longer, drive phosphorus uptake and potentially improve crop yields and quality. Our new product, eNpower 18:20, is DAP coated with a patented new formulation ammonium stabiliser, DMPG.

Citrus trees have a high demand for nutrients, so it is essential that the right fertilisers are applied at the right growth stages to avoid nutrient deficiencies and maintain tree health and productivity. Optimising citrus nutrition is more important than ever at the moment given the current strong fruit prices and export opportunities.

Improved fertiliser efficiency and reduced nitrogen losses could be just the start for vegetable growers adopting ENTEC® as part of their fertiliser programs.

Correct nutrition management is essential for achieving high yields of quality macadamias and avocados and most growers work with a local agronomist to help them manage and refine their fertiliser programs.

With harvesting under way in potatoes, now is a good time to start planning your nutrient requirements for the next crop. This starts with soil testing to understand the nutrients available in the soil and limitations to be addressed.

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers offers a range of high quality fertilisers to Australian vegetable growers, including the high quality Nitrophoska Special® and thousands of fertiliser blends. The question is: which is better?

Vegetable growers know too well that crop nutrition is a key driver for achieving high yields and maximising returns from every land unit they farm.

Banana growers are being encouraged to make sure their fertiliser programs are the best they can be and aligned with Best Management Practice (BMP).